DIAMOND Pool Table Cover

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If you own a DIAMOND Pool Table, you should own a DIAMOND Pool Table Cover!


Our Covers

Diamond table covers are made with heavy duty, cotton lined vinyl from Hood Leather Goods! With such high quality of pool tables, owners know how important it is to guard their investment against dust, sharp objects, spills, sunlight, and other potential harms that come from everyday use. Most owners wouldn’t dare leaving their tables unprotected from the many harmful items found in the average home or inside your business.

Enhance a room

Diamond recognizes that when selecting a pool table cover, protection is not a consumer’s only consideration. These days, pool table covers need to help enhance a room and complement nearby furniture, draperies, or wall hangings. As a result, Diamond covers closely follows home decorating trends to offer the latest fabric options, which can be custom ordered to match a consumer’s specific decor. Our covers also make any business stand out by immediately displaying the Diamond Logo and it could be yours now in either black or brown colors with a white and gold trimmed embroidered Diamond Logo!


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